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Витренко: вызываю американца Коэна на "дуэль" (см. ВИДЕО)

Движение Ларуша возмущено травлей ПСПУ

В свежем номере журнала E.I.R. который издаётся Институтом Шиллера (Германия) опубликовано Обращение Прогрессивной социалистической партии Украины «Остановите террор и репрессии! Защитите демократию на Украине!» от 3 октября 2018 года (см. ниже). На русском языке его можно прочитать (http://www.vitrenko.org.ru/article/40891).

Этот Институт, является ядром Движения Ларуша. Движение, возглавляемое Линдоном Ларушем, выдающимся американским экономистом и политиком, ведёт борьбу за переустройство мировой экономики путём ликвидации банковской мафии, финансовых монстров-разрушителей – МВФ, ВБ, ВТО конечно, эту идеологию разделяет и ПСПУ.

Журнал E.I.R. распространяется в 42 странах мира на всех континентах.

Пресс-служба ПСПУ

Open Letter to UN, OSCE, Euro Parliament: "Stop Terrorism and Repressions in Ukraine"

Natalia Vitrenko, Chairwoman of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, wrote a letter on Oct. 3 to leading international institutions demanding that the Ukrainian government investigate and otherwise be held accountable for violence and repression against the PSPU and other political groupings in Ukraine. Natalia Vitrenko’s courageous fight against fascism in her country and internationally is well known to our readers, as is her support for a New Bretton Woods.
Her letter, addressed to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and the European Parliament, was written after the PSPU held its extraordinary 32nd Congress, in view of the elections upcoming in Ukraine in 2019, for both the Presidency and the Supreme Rada (parliament). The current regime is acting to make it impossible for the party to run candidates (cf. SAS 18, 28/18).
Therefore, the PSPU requests that the addressees investigate whether the current policies and processes of the government correspond "to the norms and principles of international law" and whether it fulfills its obligations to defend "the rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens".
As background, the letter explains: "The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine has blocked the activity of our party (an opposition party!) by illegally failing to acknowledge (i.e., to register) the resolutions of three Congresses, so far, of the PSPU, which took place in 2015, 2016 and 2017. In compliance with the requirements of new Ukrainian laws, these Congresses amended the Charter and Program of the party and the membership of its leading bodies. Thus, since 2015 the PSPU has been deprived of the possibility of taking part in elections....
"What is being carried out is political, moral, psychological, physical, and informational terrorism against opposition political parties and public organizations. Taking part in this terrorism are agencies of the state, as well as Nazi fighters who enjoy protection from Ukrainian law enforcement agencies."
The letter catalogues a number of major incidents in which the PSPU has been a victim of repression, including attacks by the fascist Azov organization, as well as "Nazis from the National Corps, S-14, and other right-wing radical organizations."
It concludes: "We are counting on you to read our Appeal, study the facts stated here, and others, and make public your evaluation of them. Political rights are inalienable for every person, every citizen. Without respect for them, life will not change for the better."

Источник: E.I.R. STRATEGIC ALERT WEEKLY NEWSLETTER Volume 32, No. 42, October 18, 2018


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